Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Godbytes: Nuns vs. Strippers; Oprah and Jews; Christian TMZ


Now that I have your attention, think about Hassidic Judaism. Who's the first person who comes to mind?

If you thought Oprah, then you're in for a treat! (although you also might be a little weird) The Daytime Diva just finished touring some Hassidic communities in New York City, and is apparently pretty inspired by Jewish family life.

You can know Hassidic Jews to the people who probably love Oprah, also known as "everyone."

Speaking of celebrities, Relevant magazine is looking at how "celebrity culture" is starting to take over Christian pulpits. A Christian TMZ isn't that hard to imagine, but I'm curious what a Christian version of Perez Hilton would look like…

Saudis are really, really mad at writer and frequent tweeter Hamza Kashgari. The Saudi author apparently tweeted a few controversial statements about Muhammad on his birthday, raising the ire of his fellow Saudi Muslims.

You've all probably heard about how the Obama-contraception hubbub might hurt the President's standing with Catholic voters, but some are wondering whether the debate will result in a female backlash against the GOP.

You know where I like to get my Hallelujah on? In a mall food court. To prove it, here's your Video of the Day:

- Jack "Heck, Even I Like Oprah" Jenkins

(image courtesy Alan Light via wikimedia commons)

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