Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday’s Final Godbytes: Monks vs. Radiation; Afternoon “LINks”; BYU “Valentine”

Think just being a monk is dedication? Try taking on the unseen energy of the universe head-on: A Zen monk in Japan is helping to fight radiation, potentially putting himself in danger as he tries to quell the spread of radiation in Fukushima, Japan.

A duo of Jeremy Lin links for you today (er, LINks?): The New York Times wonders if professional sports and religion are inherently opposed to one another, and the Washington Post looks at Faith, Sin and Jeremy Lin. (Hey! That rhymes!)

There's a new take on the story of the Good Samaritan: A Priest, a Levite, and a Samaritan walk into a bar...

I have no idea what the punchline is there.

A BYU student got an…unexpected Valentine this week. Apparently a fellow student at the Mormon university handed her a note on February 14th, but it wasn't a romantic one: the hander of the note disagreed with the girl's attire, thinking that it "violated" BYU's dress code by making nearby students feel unsafe.

Hey, tech/church nerds: here are 5 ways to use technology at Church.

And now for your Final (yup) Video of the Day: just the raw, ethereal beauty of Longshan's Temple. Sit back, put in headphones, and enjoy some rainy beauty.

Well, that's about it, folks. Godbytes is taking off for a while, but here's hoping you've enjoyed our offerings over the past few months. Stick around RNS's website, Facebook page and Twittier feed thought -- there's a lot more to share. :)

- Jack "I'll Miss You All, You Faceless Digital People You" Jenkins

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