Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Godbytes: Clowns for Jesus; Grammy Religiosity; Baby Got Book

You've heard of Christians for Jesus, and even Jews for Jesus. But have you heard of Clowns for Jesus?!

:: cue those with clown phobias screaming in terror ::

The Grammy's had something of a religious undertone last night. The ceremonies, for example, opened with a prayer for the late Whitney Houston, and rapper Nicki Minaj managed to offend a few Catholics (including the Catholic League) with a religious-themed shocker of a performance.

Meanwhile Adele -- the golden-throated starlet who is clearly genetically engineered by British scientists to sing better than anyone ever -- cleaned up at the Grammy's last night, winning 6 of the coveted awards.  It was enough to even impress the Holy Tweeter himself:

Apparently Oprah's recent foray to a New York hasidic community had an unexpected result: no one knew who she was. Tablet Magazine has a good run down on Oprah's humbling experience.

Apparently Science and Religion can coexist in schools, or so says Real Clear Science.

Finally, your Video of the Day is going old school.  I present to you the painfully well produced "Baby Got Book."

- Jack "Clowns Are Horrifying It's All Stephen King's Fault" Jenkins

(image courtesy Rick Dikeman via wikimedia commons)

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