Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday Godbytes: Monk Dating Sites; Socially Religious; YouTube Choir

Monks need love, too: A matchmaking service in Japan is giving Buddhist monks a way to find dates. I wonder how those first dates will go: maybe they'll go see a movie, get a pizza afterwards, and order one with everything. (I'm hilarious, I know)

Speaking of social media, GOOD magazine has a new infographic (YEAH!) on the social lives of religious americans.

Curious about the Obama National prayer breakfast held this morning? Well you can find the text of the President's speech here, a write-up on the event here, and a criticism of the general idea of the prayer breakfast here.

Looks like there's a new swing voter in town: A new poll shows that Mainline Protestants are the vote to get in this year's presidential election.

Ever wondered what Jesus loving, super-small-government politicos think? Well now you can ask a Christian Libertarian whatever you want.

Finally, your Religious Music Video of the Day comes from the super-awesome YouTube Choir.  It's a group of more than 150 people singing "Lux Aurumque" into their computers, composed and conducted by Eric Whitacre.

- Jack "Socially Awesome" Jenkins

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