Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Godbytes: Airport Yoga; Jewish Star Wars; Mormon Cuisine

I don't know about you guys, but flying can be a pretty stressful experience. It's not the flying itself that gets me so much as the journey to the plane: The security checks ("Does chapstick count as a gel if it melted in pocket?"); the annoying fellow travelers ("Stand on the RIGHT side of the escalator so folks can walk on the LEFT side, people!"); the long lines at food vendors ("How could this many people possibly want a Cinnabon right now?"); the boarding confusion ("Did she say Zone 1 or Zone 2? Wait, what gate is this?!")…It's all a bit intense.

But anxious passengers, worry no more: San Francisco Airport is unveiling the world's first dedicated yoga room within an airport. That's right, you can now get your frozen yogurt AND your Downward Facing Dog at the SAME PLACE.

On the plane, however, things are looking a lot less spiritual. Alaska Airlines reportedly just ended their practice of handing out prayer cards during flights. (Update: RNS did our own story on this!)

Star Wars fans: ever wanted to hear and in-depth deconstruction of George Lucas' famous trilogy (that's right, the TRILOGY. I don't know anything about these "prequels" of which you speak) from a Jewish theological perspective?  Well know you can, complete with an in-depth exegesis of why Han Shot Greedo first.

Mormon cuisine isn't what it used to be…Wait, what did Mormon cuisine used to be?

Finally, your Video of the Day is of the annual Lantern Floating Ceremony at  Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.  While the ceremony doesn't champion one religion over another, it is reportedly led by Her Holiness Keishu Shinso Ito, the spiritual head of Shinnyo-en.  Whatever it is, it's beautiful (Warning: super-dramatic music ahead):

- Jack "Han Totally Shot First" Jenkins

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