Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bloodthirsty Syrian President Supported By The Church

As if it was needed, today another startling reminder that you don’t need religion to be able to tell right from wrong and that divine inspiration can’t guarantee you don’t mind killing innocent civilians. The current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been killing peaceful protestors out on the streets in order to prevent another uprising. Meanwhile, on BBC 4’s the Today programme, Bishop Philoxenos Mattias of the Syriac Orthodox Church came out with this statement which I’ve done my best to transcribe over the poor phone line:
"The Christian orthodox church with its deep faith in the lord supports the government and the president for the progress of our state in [the] future. [Indecipherable...] in his Easter message communicated our support for the President. The relations between the Church and the State are good and healthy as far as we are concerned. We’re happy to say that the president shows tolerance to all the Syrian Christian citizens as well as all our Muslim brothers always. It’s why we always support and respect and love the president, his regime and the government. We will always support him."
So whilst they’ve had the tripartite nature of the Trinity sorted since 325 AD, they still don’t quite understand why killing the innocent is a bad thing.
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